Halloween starts with bat watch evening in Stockton Heath

This event is brought to you by Stockton Heath Parish Council and will be led by Tony Parker from the World Museum Liverpool. This event will take place as darkness falls over the water at Ackers Pit. To attend this event please make your way to the noticeboard on Ackers Lane, 5.30 pm on Sunday 21 October 2018

Bat detector devices will be available which will help to “hear” the bats as they send out their ultra-sonic signals they use to detect their prey and any obstacles in their flight path.

Everybody is welcome. Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult. Adults are responsible for any children in their supervision and should be aware that the walk itself will take place in low light conditions and near a body of water. It is very important that adults keep young children under close supervision.

Dogs are also welcome, but we request that they are kept on their lead. This is in order to avoid disturbing wildlife that may be present.

All participants should wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and suitable footwear. Please bring a torch to help with walking on the pathways and also to find your way back. Please do not shine torch during the walk itself, as this may deter the bats from making an appearance.

We cannaot predict nature and therefore bats are not a guaranteed attraction on the evening. Lots of information on the habits and habitats of bats will be available. This may help you in the future with bat-watch.

Enjoy your local green space, meet some of your neighbours and learn something fascinating about them.

Contact details if you need more information:

clerk@stocktonheathpc.org.uk Tel: 01925 210558

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