Have your say on waste recycling

The public are being asked to share their views on waste recycling provision in Stockton Heath.

A six-week consultation has been launched, giving people the chance to have their say on the future of Stockton Heath Community Recycling Centre on Sandy Lane.

It forms part of the council’s plans to modernise community recycling in Warrington, make the significant improvements required to meet Environment Agency standards, and comply with current permit requirements.

There are three community recycling centres in Warrington.  Gatewarth is the largest and is located to the west of the town centre; Woolston, a smaller site than Gatewarth, is located to the east; and Stockton Heath, the smallest of the three, is located in the south of the town.

The council is moving ahead with modernisation plans for Gatewarth and Woolston, with a combined investment of around £1.7m approved, to bring them up to necessary standards.

However, the council believes the size and access restrictions at Stockton Heath Recycling Centre, on Sandy Lane, together with the impact on immediate neighbours, mean that it would be challenging to carry out upgrades to this site.

In addition, levels of general waste received by Stockton Heath have decreased by more than 30 percent over the last three years, and the average cost per tonne of operating the site is double that of Gatewarth and Woolston.

The consultation will include a range of questions around the most frequently used sites, the types of waste recycled, value for money and potential alterative locations for a recycling centre in south Warrington. All comments received will feed into the council’s recommendations.

Warrington Borough Council’s executive board member for the environment, Cllr Judith Guthrie, said: “It’s vital that we operate an efficient, value-for-money and fit-for-purpose recycling service, which fully complies with current legislation. Warrington residents are recycling well, and we want to continue to support this through the modernisation of the service.

“It’s great news that we are moving forward with our investment plans for Gatewarth and Woolston recycling centres. However, it’s also important that we understand the public’s views on waste recycling provision at the existing Stockton Heath site.

“I’d urge everyone who would like to have a say on the future of the site to get involved in the consultation. All responses will be taken on-board and carefully considered, together with factors such as affordability and practicality.”

You can take part in the consultation by visiting www.warrington.gov.uk/consultation and clicking on ‘Sandy Lane Community Recycling Centre consultation.’

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