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Meditation a natural remedy for the mind

We never expected these times to come where we would be on lockdown. There are positive and negatives to this world pandemic, but the reality is we will all be affected by this situation. These are difficult times and we don’t want to add more mental pain. We want the situation to reduce.

Lots of people are experiencing stress anxiety at this present moment, this could be an opportunity to increase resilience so we can deal with things better. We all have external and internal problems, let me give an example. Your car breaks which can be fixed at the garage but the feeling you have towards this is an inner problem. If you notice at the moment some people are relaxed and some people are stressed, this is dependent on the temperament and our minds.

Why not treat it like a holiday, meaning the chance to switch off and relax. Relaxing your body will take some tension out of your mind.

As a human we have two basic wishes we want to be happy and free from suffering. Meditation is very powerful tool to learn as it’s a technique we can use whenever we are experiencing mental suffering. This is a time of great stress and anxiety which creates tension in our minds and leads us to suffer. We can take back control of this by learning breathing techniques which enable the body to relax and this calms the mind.

Here is a meditation that will help you relax during these uncertain times.


  • We will do a body relaxation now so we go from the crown of the head to the tip of the toes checking for any tension in the body
  • Notice any tension particularly at the bridge of your nose
  • The main cause of our fatigue is our mind grasping
  • Its not enough relaxing our body
  • Try and enjoy this stillness of no mental activity
  • Try to stop thinking an enjoy this stillness
  • Interesting thing is when we are upset and stressed we have to think. So this is a nice place to go to stop getting stressed
  • We can familiarise ourselves with this place instead
  • We can learn to stop overthinking and increase our capacity
  • We can use this as a training ground to ignore the thoughts that come into our minds and maintain this peace we are creating in our minds
  • Most of use like to have a place to go or a coffee shop. These are closed now so instead we can go to the peaceful place inside our mind
  • Without loosing this peaceful state of mind, follow your breath from the tip of your nostrils to the bottom of your lungs. Then back up to the nostrils
  • Become aware of the rising and falling of your chest
  • Just try and forget about everything and focus on this
  • If you can stop your mind doing this you will gain concentration and we will learn how to drop thoughts, be able to go to this place much faster when a thought we don’t want comes into our mind
  • When people get upset its because they cannot let go
  • This is training in letting go not just concentration
  • If your mind is busy slow any negative thoughts, aches and pains and now imagine them disappearing and forming thick dark smoke. Imagine all the tension leaving the body and mind and in its place all this thick dark smoke
  • Then imagine it gathers at your chest at the level of your heart
  • So now you breath out the thick dark smoke out and your body feels more relaxed and your mind feels more relaxed and peaceful
  • If you believe this you will feel it so try to believe this is happening
  • Now as you breath in imagine you breath in brilliant white lights just as you would on a warm summers day. Feeling yourself becoming more relaxed and peaceful
  • Spend a couple of minutes doing this, breathing in this brilliant bright white light and breathing out black dark smoke. Imagine we are becoming lighter and more relaxed
  • If you get distracted at any point. Imagine this dissolving into thick dark smoke
  • All you have to do is focus on your breath to reduce these distracting thoughts to get some peace and clarity in the mind
  • It’s a technique you can learn and keep using
  • Now you can imagine you have blown out the last of the black dark smoke, your mind feels sharp and crystal clear, your body is relaxed and you feel peaceful.
  • You can now imagine this light is moving up through your body from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head filling your body and purifying
  • For last two minutes of the mediation, you can just relax and enjoy that you have a whole body full of brilliant white light and forget about everything else
  • So now gently relax your concentration and arise from mediation

I hope you enjoyed that meditation, you can use this everyday. This is a way to get some peace, it’s a way not to get stressed in the day. If we get stressed and angry it will upset our mind so we can stop this

If you would like to try a meditation class there will be a free taster session next Tuesday 7th April at 7pm. Please can you send an email to  to confirm attendance and use the link below to access the class.

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