Chief constable and PCC visit Warrington next week

Cheshire’s chief constable and police and crime commissioner will visit Warrington next Thursday to meet with local residents.

They are being invited to put their questions about local policing to PCC David Keane and CC Darren Martland as the police leaders’ series of question time style events comes to the town.

The PCC and chief are hosting the events in local community venues across Cheshire as part of their commitment to bring back real neighbourhood policing to the county.

They want to give Cheshire residents the opportunity to talk to them about the issues that matter most to their communities so they can ensure they are policed appropriately.

The Warrington event will take place on Thursday 16 January, 7pm at the Gateway on Sankey Street.

PCC David Keane said: “The relationship between police and the public has always been vital and no more so than now when resources are stretched and the workload has grown exponentially.

“As your elected representative for policing I want to ensure that our police service is accountable, visible and is delivering your priorities.

“This is your chance to meet with us and talk to us about key issues in your community and tell us if your local area is being policed effectively.”

CC Darren Martland added: “Cheshire remains one of the safest places in the country to live, work and visit. This is thanks to the strong relationships our officers and police staff have forged with our communities to ensure that crime and anti-social behaviour is dealt with effectively.

“We rely on the public to identify any issues going on in their area and report problems such as dangerous driving, anti-social behaviour and drug dealers.

“These events provide an opportunity for local residents to share their views and opinions on policing in Cheshire and will help shape our priorities going forward.”

If you would like to submit a question for the PCC or chief constable ahead of the meetings, please email it to

PCC David Keane will also be at Cockhedge Shopping Centre on the same day between 1pm-3pm consulting with local people about the Cheshire Police precept for 2020/21. This event will provide an opportunity for residents to talk with him directly about police funding for the next financial year.

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