Olive Tree Brasserie Stockton Heath – Authentic Greek cuisine with a contemporary twist

So Stockton Heath had the pleasure of dining at Olive Tree Brasserie in Stockton Heath, situated on London rd where the old Lloyds bank use to be. The first thing you notice about the place is how beautifully designed the interior decor within the restaurant really is, using modern minimal look with authentic materials. The big glass windows at the front really stand out. When entering you notice an industrial feel about the place with a grand bar in front of you. Behind that is a REAL olive Tree in the middle of the dining area. When seated we were sat in a low lit part of the restaurant.

To start our journey in Greek Cuisine, we enjoyed Apitisers and Starters followed by our mains and desserts.
We also enjoyed authentic Greek Beer and what an experience it was. Firstly I would like to point out that our waitress Vicky was so thorough with the menu and guided us through the different dishes.
We started our journey in Greek cuisine with the MIXED DIPS PLATTER, which consisted of Houmous, tzatziki, htipiti, taramasalata with warm chargrilled pitta bread.

We then enjoyed Greek Platter for 2 for our starter. We enjoyed GREEK Cured beef sausage in honey, feta & red pepper dip, pitta chips, Greek slaw, beef & pork meatballs, falafel, olives. Our starter was trully a unique experience enjoying a range of mediterranean meats and veg.

Our mains consisted of METAXA KOTA, which is Pan fried breast of chicken cooked with Metaxa brandy, sautéed mushrooms, cream and served with herb rice. We also ordered VODINO STIFADO a traditional Greek dish consisting of tender pieces of beef cooked in aromatic spices and a rich tomato sauce, served with Greek style roast potatoes.

We were very impressed with the array of flavours with each dish. The presentation was truly amazing also. As already mentioned we were sat in a low lit area of the restaurant and it really felt like we were in Greece. The setting really reminded me of my visit to Crete a couple of years back.

After enjoying our mains, we finnished off enjoying desserts. We ordered Baklava with Ice cream and homemade Greek style Rice pudding. We were very impressed with the whole experience and recommend dining a Olive Tree Brasserie and the staff are very friendly and helpful. They have a great cocktail deal on every day for early diners.

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