Sponsor Bea the shetland pony at Cheshire Dogs’ Home

Bea is a beautiful miniature Shetland Pony, who lives at Cheshire Dog’s Home, in Grappenhall, Warrington. She is a very popular resident, who is adored by staff, volunteers and visitors.  This sweet-natured little pony is happy and settled in her forever home, where she receives all the love, care and attention she needs for a happy and healthy life.

Bea was born in Derbyshire in 1999, she was found many years later in a state of heart-breaking neglect, poor Bea had nowhere to live; her time had run out and she was going to market. Fortunately, Bea was rescued in late 2015 and gifted to Cheshire Dogs’ Home.

Having been neglected for some time, Bea was understandably petrified of human contact when she first arrived at the Dogs’ Home in the Winter of 2015. Although a new stable on sledges had been kindly donated for Bea, she was too frightened to go inside it in the bad weather. The staff and volunteers at the Dogs’ Home watched in dismay as poor little Bea spend over a month outside in the harsh Winter, frozen and drenched.  There seemed to be no way of getting near her to help her. Over the next month, to the delight of her carers, Bea started to use her stable in the bad weather. She no longer ran away from them, as long as they were at a safe distance.

However, in January 2016 the staff and volunteers caring for Bea noticed a change in her behaviour – was she slowly beginning to trust humans? Her confidence gradually grew, as every day her carers would sit quietly with Bea in her field, keeping her company and bringing carrots and apples for her to snack on.

In February 2016, after a painstaking 45 minutes, Bea’s carers managed to coax her into her stable and were able to close the door. Over the next few months, brave little Bea began to realise that not all humans are bad. Some of Bea’s carers were able to approach her and attach a head collar, so they could take her for a walk – an activity that she very much enjoys!

By April 2016, Bea was very happy to see her carers and had even started to whinny with excitement when she saw one of them! It is truly wonderful to see how she has gone from strength to strength since her arrival at Cheshire Dogs’ Home.

Bea is required to self-fund, through donations of money or items, for example her stable has been donated to her by a volunteer. In addition to being in a state of emotional distress when she arrived at Cheshire Dogs’ Home, Bea was also in poor physical condition. In April 2016, the vet started her yearly vaccination and worming programmes. Bea sees the Farrier every 8 weeks and has her teeth done every 6 months.

During June 2016 the staff and volunteers noticed that Bea was gaining weight around her tummy and they were excited that she may be pregnant.  How exciting would it be for a foal to be born at Cheshire Dogs’ Home!  After a blood test by the vet, it was determined that she does in fact have Cushings disease, a condition that occurs when the pituitary gland becomes overactive.  This condition means that Bea will have to have medical care for the rest of her life, which adds to the cost of her up-keep.

Support through donations is vital to ensure that Bea receives all the veterinary care and everything else she needs.  A yearly sponsorship will contribute to farrier and dental costs and veterinary bills, for example.

The dedicated team of staff and volunteers at Cheshire Dogs’ Home will provide Bea with all the love and affection that she needs to help build her once fragile confidence and make this little pony’s life a very happy one!

To sponsor Bea please call Cheshire Dogs’ Home directly on 0844 504 1212.  Sponsorship is only £15 per year and you can visit Bea at her home in Grappenhall any time you wish!

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