Many schools aren’t restarting after school clubs for the time being. Stockton Heath Lawn Tennis Club has the answer.

Tennis Squads for kids! An after-school tennis club, keeping kids active post lockdown. Introducing and then supporting younger members of the Club is so rewarding – and even better when some of those who have been with us since a young age themselves, start helping with coaching too. Everyone gets so much out of the ‘Squads’ sessions – lots of fun and plenty of skills to learn!

Stockton Heath Lawn Tennis Club run a number of sessions suitable for different age groups and ability levels. As many after school clubs are unlikely to restart anytime soon, give us a call if you’d like more details for your child.

Stockton Heath Lawn Tennis Club (SHLTC) is based on Delphfields Road in Appleton. It is a friendly, local tennis club catering for all ages and players in terms of tennis experience. You are welcome to join up  and the club has had approximately 50 new members join since tennis was allowed post lock-down.

They provide social and competitive tennis for all abilities and for all ages. The youngest player is four and our oldest 88 years (still playing regularly!). They have a dedicated and talented coaching team led by Ant McCarthy, and there are lessons and squads occurring throughout the week. They are currently running a ‘welcome Wednesday’ night tennis session which is aimed at new members of the Club, so that they can meet other new members and develop their tennis skills whatever their level or playing history. Many new members are returning to tennis after many years of not playing, but also some are starting playing completely from scratch. Tennis has been one of the sports to see new levels of interest post lock-down.

SHLTC is part of the Warrington and District LTA and we run men’s, ladies and mixed competitive teams. The Club hosts the Warrington Junior tournament and we have many internal leagues and tournaments.

The Club runs an extensive programme of social events (in normal times) and has around 285 members. Some of our members are long serving and indeed two of the Management Committee played tennis as juniors themselves at the Club. The latest newsletter outlines one of our very successful juniors/intermediate – Harrison Taylor. Harrison, a Cheshire County player, is now achieving his coaching badges and is part of the coaching team here at Stockton Heath LTC.

The Club has plans for improving the facilities for players involving converting the two old shale courts to astro-turf and installing floodlighting to most of the courts. These plans would also allow for a ‘pay and play’ facility for the local community, thus allowing non-members to book tennis courts.

SHLTC is a truly local, inclusive and community-based tennis club that is always looking for ways to get all ages involved in keeping fit and active, and playing tennis in a social and competitive way.

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