Ladies Fashion Boutique opens its doors in the heart of Warrington Town Centre

Pinky Peach Boutique opened its doors in April 2018 in the heart of Warrington town centre, upstairs of the beautiful indoor centre known as Hatters Row on Horsemarket Street. (Opposite of Royal Bank of Scotland)

After having 26 years within the fashion industry, including working within the luxury sector of the fashion industry for brands such as jimmy Choo, to independent fashion stores, Tammy Barry-Murphy, aged 42 , decided to put all of her passion into opening a fashion boutique in the spot where she used to work 25 years ago. She has given the place a facelift and brought it up-to-date. She is now offering customers an opportunity to purchase unique, high end looking garments at affordable prices that are hand-picked by Tammy herself.

Tammy explained to us:
“I have also studied fashion clothing & design, and Personal styling, I decided to open the Boutique to bring something different to Warrington. I personally hand pick everything in the Boutique and source worldwide to bring Iconic Style, femininity and celebrity inspired womens wear to Warrington.”
Pinky Peach Boutique has a selection of ranges from casual clothing, to dressy pieces, and also carry accessories & footwear. The clothing has a designer look, but at affordable prices.

(Isabelle Warburton Winner of Big Brother 2017,

wearing a Piped Bow detail Denim jacket – Pinky Peach Boutique £43.99)

Tammy tells us that this ensures customers to leave the boutique with something special. The clothing ranges are suitable from 18 years plus due to offering a selection of ranges. It has always been a dream for Tammy to open her own clothing shop and she describes Pinky Peach Boutique as ‘just the beginning’

she further states:
“I believe that fashion is a way of expressing ourselves without words.”
The boutique stocks clothes and accessories for women aged 18+ starting at around £15.
She stated: “I wanted to provide affordable but classy pieces for women in Warrington that draw on celebrity style.”

Shes been getting a positive feedback from customers as she explained to us:

“Our customers say that we have really brought something different to  Warrington , which I am very proud of, as I feel it is important to provide  that enables you to feel individual & special.”
Tammy also explains the role her family have played in supporting her business: “My family have been amazingly supportive with the business and I’m really excited to bring fresh and iconic pieces to Warrington.”
Tammy is a former model and has also made it to the final 100 of a FHM modeling competition out of 15,000 entries.
Pinky Peach Boutique is located on Horsemarket Street in the town centre and offers a wide range of stock from casual clothes to occasion dresses and bespoke pieces.

So if you are looking for something to make you stand out from the crowd, why not pop in to the Pinky Peach boutique?

Contact Tammy Barry-Murphy for fashion advice or recommendations on her unique selection of ladies clothing & accessories.

Tel: 07930356558



  • Pinky Peach Boutique, Hatters Row, Warrington
    Pinky Peach Boutique, Hatters Row, Warrington
  • Tammy Barry-Murphy
    Tammy Barry-Murphy
    Showing off the unique range of ladies high-street fashion
  • Isabelle Warburton Winner of Big Brother 2017, wearing a Piped Bow detail Denim jacket £43.99
    Isabelle Warburton Winner of Big Brother 2017, wearing a Piped Bow detail Denim jacket £43.99
  • Tammy Barry-Murphy behind the front desk
    Tammy Barry-Murphy behind the front desk



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