Immortal Fitness Xmas Special Offers include: 7 day free pass & one weeks free personal Training

We deliver Exclusive group workouts, Personal training solutions and much more… All are fun and guaranteed to deliver results. Our workouts are unique and tailored to you! We have a great variety of workouts, changing and ever exciting!!!!

In the heart of Stockton Heath, 19A London Rd to be exact, is the address for the amazing Immortal Fitness Studios. They offer a great variety of work out regimes and all trainers are fully qualified instructors. They are also extremely experienced trainers and very professional. The VIP fitness studio is one to check out! It has all the up to date equipment needed in a 21st Century Fitness Studio and with our expert trainers providing unrivalled, advice, support and motivation,  members are guaranteed to see results in a much shorter space of time then expected.

Luis Lee, the founder of Immortal Fitness Studios tells us:

‘I believe that everyone can achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. And have fun doing it. I believe people can overcome the biggest of challenges when pushed in the right direction. It’s been a big part of the success story of Imomortal and why our Clients have achieved amazing Results’.


We spoke to Hayley Marie. She is a member at Immortal Fitness Studios. She told us:

‘Having always struggled with learning to love myself and with commitment to the gym i have been training here with Chris since it opened! He is such an inspiring trainer and always pushes me to best myself. He has made me come so far through my diet and training and helps me as not only a trainer but someone i can turn to and speak too. The whole gym has such a fantastic ethic and vibe and i always look forward to going in and working hard! All three trainers are absolutely fantastic, they know everyone by name and it really is one big family where we all help and inspire each other. The guys are always on hand to contact and to help and whenever you have a bad day will always help you get straight back up. Never has working your body into a sweat been so much fun!’

We also spoke to Jennifer Owens, He tells us:

‘I love everything about this gym, it has amazing energy, awesome classes and awesome people!
All of the instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals 24/7. I did some PT with Chris, he’s a brilliant trainer who has so much passion for his job and gets the best results, couldn’t recommend him highly enough ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’
Sophia Roberts tells us:
‘Excellent ! I am a mum of 3 and recently joined Immortal, I lacked motivation and self confidence but the whole team have been amazing. The class sizes are small and personal and I am feeling the results already. Luis, Chris and Matthew encourage you all the way and give you that extra little push when needed. I haven’t trained for nearly 18 years and would also highly recommend the one to one personal training sessions, I wouldn’t have come this far without Luis. Great work guys … love it love it … love it !’
There are 3 main Personal Trainers at Immortal Fitness Studios. These are: Alex Higham, Chris Rodgers & Lewis Roberts.
We spoke to Alex and here is what he had to say:
 Alex here, if your looking for someone to push you past your comfort zone and limits I’m the perfect trainer for you.   With over 10 years of experience in competitive martial arts, coaching and nutrition. I have a font of knowledge with everything Heath and fitness related!  Don’t believe me?  Drop me a message and let’s make some serious sustainable life changing results!’


 At Immortal, we believe achieving your fitness and weight loss goals should be straight forward. Infact we are so confident we can get you to where you want to be that we guarantee your results.

Novice, Triathlete, Serial dieter, Total biginner, Warehouse gym escapee or just serious about fitness, We can deliver for you!

No Joining Fee! Get in touch with them for more information:

Address: 2, 19A London Rd,
Warrington WA4 6SG
Monday 6am–9pm
Tuesday 6am–9pm
Wednesday 6am–9pm
Thursday 6am–9pm
Friday 6am–9pm
Saturday 6am–9pm
Sunday Closed

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