Cheshire Swags (Strong Women and Girls) Celebrate in style with a Photo shoot at the Saracen’s Head.

As 2018 is the Year of the Woman and the 100 year anniversary of women achieving the right to vote,  Festival Events & Planning Limited,  felt a celebration was needed to highlight being strong women and girls (SWAGs).

They explained to us: ‘For us 2018 won’t just be the year of the woman, it will be the year of collaborative women.’

Festival Events and Planning have a calendar of events planned that are designed to inspire, motivate and reward the members of the Cheshire SWAGS to achieve. Cheshire SWAGS launched on 23rd January and to date, they have 70 businesses on board and a collaborative local event behind their belt.

Festival Events & Planning Limited, who are behind Cheshire SWAGS, is an innovative company formed by Rachel Farrington-Allen and Lara Oakes in 2017 to plan, source, manage and deliver bespoke, creative solutions, with a company ethos of ensuring clients are relaxed and confident throughout the planning and on the day of their event.

They explained to us:
‘Since starting Festival Events & Planning Limited, we have been privileged to come across some beautiful and talented ladies. In a recent meeting with some of our collaborators we got around to thinking, how could we support each other to achieve more? And the answer to that is in working together, by the power of the tribe.’

‘So for us, creating the Facebook Page of the Cheshire SWAGs (Strong Women and Girls) with this group of women, as not only a place for people to share, ask and inspire but also to celebrate working together and encourage others to draw on their tribe to help them to achieve greatness, was an absolute no brainer.’

As 2018 is the 100 year anniversary of women achieving the right to vote, Cheshire SWAGS (Strong Women And Girls) celebrated in style with their fashion shoot event. The shoot included the likes of Georgia Willis, Student, BBTC Cosmopolitan Runway Model of the Year. Meg Bradley, Student, starred in Sky 1 series ‘The Five”. Lucie Farrington, Marketing Student and Model.

Visit the cheshire SWAGS facebook page to find out more about forth coming events. Feel free to get in touch with them to get involved. They are always looking for innovative ideas to create opportunities aswell as bonds with individuals through collaborating on projects like the photoshoot.


Special thanks to :
Sara Jones, The Bridal Lounge (Prom Dresses & Accessories)
Abby Victoria, Abby Victoria Nails (Make Up)
Tracey Howley, Salon 16 (Hair)
Evie Grace Smith, Student (Photography)
Georgia Willis, Student, BBTC Cosmopolitan Runway Model of the Year (Model)
Meg Bradley, Student, starred in Sky 1 series ‘The Five” (Model)
Lucie Farrington, Marketing Student (Model)

So Stockton Heath Digital Lifestyle Magazine are impressed and are providing full support to the Cheshire SWAGs innitiative.

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