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First of all we would like to thank Mark from Stockton Heath Radio for having us on his show and a big thank you to Tom @101 for letting us use his venue for the interview. Aswell as having butterflies in my belly and a bad case of nerves, I sat with Mark who seemed as calm as the morning tide of the sea in the carribean. Infact I could have pictured us sat with Mojito’s on deck chairs on the beach while having this chit chat. We did however get to enjoy hanging out at Tom’s place at 101 London Road. As well as having a friendly chit chat, we got down to the Nitty Gritty of how So Stockton Heath Online Magazine came about.

Those of you who want to know more about us, we are a brand new lifestyle magazine serving Stockton Heath and surrounding areas such as Appleton, Walton, Grapenhall etc. We have even covered a story on a new shop that opened in Lymm, Cheshire. Our purpose is to to serve our readers with the latest information, gossip, What’s on, lifestyle, Business news, Food & Drink & More… There a lot of independent Shops in Stockton Heath and the area has a population of around 6,396. Including surrounding areas and that figure triples.
Stockton Heath was awarded the Purple flag for somewhere to Wine & Dine aswell as socialise. It has a buzz about the place and at night the place is packed with people looking to go on a night out In the area. The place is full of Cocktail Bars, Pubs & fine dine Restaurants. With Warrington town centre up the road the options are endless.(Check out our Food and Drink Page for more information & Special Offers)

The ‘So brand’ is rapidly expanding with new titles poppping up every week. Between all the titles we have 377,000 individual IP addresses that have visited us this year. So Stockton Heath online Magazine has had 4000+ visits to our site this month. We are currently taking free listings in our online Directory and you can advertise with us for as little as £25.00. This will get you a small article on our site to be featured in out main Slide Show.

Mark and I had a chit chat about the in and outs of how the lifestyle magazine is there to serve the community and you can find the full podcast on Stockton Heath Radio: Our interview is about 15 minutes into the HoneyFields Podcast. Its called Honeyfields because the main article is a bout Tom and his home made Honey and Cream fields festival hence ‘Honeyfields’.

Feel free to check out more podcasts by Mark. They are very entertaining and packed with information about Stockton Heath and Surrounding Areas.

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