Editor’s Christmas Comments

‘Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time!’

Are the words that go through my mind whenever I think of the coming of winter. A very Nostalgic song that brings back happy memories that go back many years. A Song by Sir Paul McCartney, that really brings the spirit of Christmas alive at home with the Log fire burning and drinking hot chocolate.

Its also a time where im rushing around buying last minute presents for people who slipped my mind. I think we’ are all guilty of that one. Fortunately, Christmas shopping has changed a lot over the years and we can pretty much get what we want at a drop of a hat. This Christmas also marks a new era in my journey in business with a local lifestyle brand.

Approximately 3 years ago, I set up a digital magazine on the Internet called ‘So Stockton Heath’. The Magazine came into existance after witnessing the growth of such a small Village, while living there for a short while. Gaining a purple flag award, Stockton Heath was the first village in the U.K to recieve such as prestigious award.

This inturn maked a turning point to an ever growing area of South Warrington and we have witnessed big names move into the area such as ‘Olive Tree Restaurant’, ‘Stockyard’ aswell as booming independent businesses such as ‘The Bus Stop’ and ‘Zalo’s Cafe’. So Stockton Heath digital magazine, rapidly began getting enquiries not just from local businesses but from neighbouring villages also, such as Grappenhall, Lymm, Walton, Appleton and more… This lead to the introduction of our next digital magazine, ‘So Warrington Digital Magazine, covering more of the town. We are here now looking at a traditional print edition and the journey into print almost seems like a U turn in time, as many magazines have done the reverse, going from print to digital. However after conversations with local residents and businesses, it became apparant that print is still very popular and we all like picking something up to read, specially if we are waiting to get our hair done or sat in the local G.P.
The Brand New So Magazine has a primary purpose, and that is to unify South Warrington businesses into one magazine. This way local residents can peruse at what is available locally without jumping on the motorway to neighbouring cities. There are many independent retailers in the area stocking just about anything and everything. We also have some amazing authentic restaurants and Gastro pubs, some which are hidden in deep countryside settings. I really hope you enjoy the the First ever copy of So Magazine (Still in the pipeline). I would like to thank John Morris, Karen Hodgkins, Tim Case, Kirsty Allen, Rachel Cooke, Lara Oakes, Amy cooke, Luis Lee, Gaz & Dena knightingale. They have been moral support and great guidance.

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