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What is Promote Stockton Heath?

Promote Stockton Heath Team
Promote Stockton Heath Team

Promote Stockton Heath was formed by Karen Dutton Hodgkins of Pets Pantry in 2015 with regular help and support from Local Resident Helen Curwen, and businesses, Ashcroft Guest, Stockton Heath Travel, Little Box of Treats, M & S, Fiona Bruce, BPS Law and Stockton Heath Parish Council, to name a few. All businesses of Stockton Heath are welcome and encouraged to get involved in order to achieve our goals and give back to the visitors of Stockton Heath, for supporting our livelihoods. Our aim is to bring together all the businesses in Stockton Heath to enhance the shopping and overall appeal of Stockton Heath, as the place to be. As the saying goes, ‘together we can achieve much more’. During the last three years we have successfully put together a number of annual events; such as the Bunny Hop and Pumpkin Hunt, that is much loved by the local children. We have a presence at the Stockton Heath Festival, with a theme of shop local, and support your high street, whilst offering some hook a duck fun, which is always a children crowd pleaser. With support from Stockton Heath Parish Council and many volunteer hours from our regular doers group, we were able to produce two location signs, that are situated in the Forge, by Lloyds Chemist and M & S.

Xmas Santa Promote Stockton Heath
Xmas Santa Promote Stockton Heath

What’s app is a great way to communicate our messages to each other and Berry Opticians run this for us.

To the build up of Christmas we have arranged events to create a festive atmosphere in the village; this year is no exception, we had the Golborne Brass Band playing on Saturday 8th December and also Santa popped into the Red Lion Old Barn (at the rear of the Red Lion, Stockton Heath) from 12 – 4pm. He was   greeting the children and asking if they would like to write a letter to Santa. There was storytelling beforehand from 10am – 12am. The event was free and children, got to write a letter, chat to Santa and go home with a happy glow and a small gift. On  Saturday 15th Dec was the Sixpence Studio Singers, with their young voices.

Our wishes to you.

From the businesses and residence of Stockton Heath in our group, we all enjoy going that extra mile to give back to a village, that we have spent many hours living and working. We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and healthy Christmas and thank you all for your continued support and for helping keep your high street vibrant. For there is no surer thing, if we don’t support our high street we will lose a precious thing.

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